Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look Book

Every so often I like to put together a "look-book" of sorts where I take pictures of my favorite outfits for a quick index of outfits to choose from. In the past I've used a tripod and can situate it fairly easily. Well, a few months back I brought my tripod to an event and it broke. No body did anything to it, it was just so chincy that it just fell apart when I picked it up. So I placed my camera on a pile of books and had to make due. Since I was using a makeshift tripod made of books, some of the pictures are less than quality. I also hadn't done laundry which means not all outfits could be included, but honestly by the time I was done with these pictures I never wanted to take another picture again.

I also didn't really focus on accessorizing, changing my makeup or changing my hair. I was just trying to get outfits put together and will change accessories for whatever I'm in the mood for.

This sweater has buttons down the back and I have paired them with some cheap black oxfords that I have removed the shoelaces from.

I feel this shirt has a very feminine feel to it and I often will couple it with a tailored jacket. The soft vs hard, feminine vs androgynous kind of a look.
I wore this yesterday and was told I look like Peter Pan while wearing it. I mainly came up with this because I didn't have my jeans washed at the time. I also wore a faux leather camel colored jacket with it which I especially liked because the shirt extended so much longer than the jacket. 
I like the flowyness of this tank against the slim jeans and I like to wear the bright orange shoes to counteract the gray neutral top.

I like these colors together, I feel like this is great for the fall. The corduroy jacket is so comfortable too, it has a lot of give. 

I like this top but since it's a hi-lo shirt it seems too short in the front.
I haven't worn this dress for anything yet and I am considering reserving it for senior banquet. I might take this picture down in case I do choose to use it for banquet.  Took the printed dress out because I do plan on wearing it to banquet I guess.

This shirt under the jacket was given to me last night by the Farrums which was awesome, as well as the jeans. I showed you the shoes on a previous post when I was in KS. 

I don't know why, but the combination of these shoes and this dress make me feel like its a tennis outfit or something which is completely absurd. 

I've worn several different tops with this skirt but I decided to go with this tank since the Farrums also gave me this shirt the other day.

I feel like my style is sometimes all over the place which kind of bothers me because I feel like any art show, it should all look like it came from the same point-of-view. But the more I have been thinking about it I have found some similarities, I usually go for solids and if I do wear a pattern I go for something geometric rather than a recognizable picture (like flowers for instance). I like to mix things, hard and soft, feminine and masculine, tailored and flowy, long and short, old and new, cheap and higher end (though most my higher end isn't too high or its from thrift stores haha). I also like modern takes on vintage looks. 

Well I'm done here.

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Priscilla said...

cute outfits!!! love love love that print dress!! looks soo fab!!!