Friday, August 10, 2012

And the Birthday Festivities Continue...

I think I was six years old the last time I went to John's Space Age Donut Shop. My Gpa Marrineau used to take me there when I was little and we would listen to jazz music the whole way there. This morning Autumn treated me to the sprinkled delicacy that you see above. I love birthweeks. (I actually went to the gym immediately after eating my donut, so I don't feel guilty at all.)

This afternoon Gma and I went on our traditional Andre's visit. She got the seafood risotto, with the beets, carrot side salad and capped it off with the Napolean.

Everyday Andre's offers two specials in addition to their quiche lorraine. I can't help my "creature of habit" tendencies. At least I tried a new dessert... instead of the rum cake, I had this coco, espresso, white cake and marzipan deliciousness.
Gma and I also went birthweek shopping, this is the jacket and shoes she bought me today.

After taking the pictures of my jacket and shoes, Autumn wanted to jump into the fashion shots.

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