Thursday, March 14, 2013


I initially was going to call this post 50 Shades of Red but I felt that was in poor taste, or so I've heard, considering that I never read it. Anyways, I colored my hair red in November, kind of  a YOLO moment. I don't regret it. It was fun while it lasted. 

Though as my hair is growing out and my true color is showing I decided I don't want to keep coloring it for the rest of my life. It just seems like a lot of time and energy I don't feel like putting into it. I'm kind of low maintenance so anything that requires upkeep like that, is really unappealing to me.

So I have been using home remedies which involve crushed vitamin c tablets and Dawn dish soap. It took it down several shades, after doing it about 4-5 times. Its kind of a strawberry-blonde right now and as you can see in the last two pictures, I have returned to wearing more red since it doesn't conflict with my hair so much anymore.  Evidently the sun also does a great job at fading hair color, but since my skin starts to burn just at the thought of the sun, I don't think I will be able to spend enough time to make any significant change. 

That's just an update on my red tresses since I had initially told you about it. Perhaps before it goes too too blonde, I can dress up as Joan and have a Madmen themed partay, as the next season is due to air any second now. My sister and her Beau made me a fantastic bullet necklace that is reminiscent of her bullet-pen necklace (except mine is better). And I have a dress I bought a while ago that is very Joanesque but I have plans of wearing it to Final Banquet so I guess I should figure something else out to wear. 

As I was trying to find a picture of my bullet necklace I thought of the zoomed in version of the last picture (above) and thought I would compare it to Joan. I think I may have found my costume. (I would have to lose the belt obvi, my dress shape isn't quite right and she is curvier than me, but I don't think its too bad considering I just thought of it as I have been typing.) Now I just have to plan a partay. haha

PS I feel this post is very self-absorbed since I have so many pictures of myself AND it seems like I am comparing myself to Joan (which isn't really my intentions), so sorry for that. It won't happen again. (That's a lie, as you should know, but it is my attempts to show my remorse). :/


Farrah Vazquez said...

Your red hair was my all time fav, though I do agree that upkeep is a hassle and that it's not even a good idea to be dying it all the time. I'm kinda hoping you'll bring it back someday in the future.

The Ramblings of a High School Teacher said...

I second the previous comment... I loved your hair red (from what I saw of it... sadly only pictures) but I get it, for sure. Other things I dig? Your dress, YOUR NECKLACE, and your living room (from the last post)

Jori said...

For the first time ever, I just commented as Jeremy accidentally. That was me.

Rachelle Hamilton said...

Yeah the red was nice, but sadly the upkeep is too much. I might try it again someday, Farrah. :/ I'm glad you like the whole look and my living room, Jori! n__n!

Also I love that you commented as Jeremy... and at first I was a little surprised he was commenting, and what he commented. haha but I've completely done that before. And hey, that got me an extra comment. haha

Peixia said...
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Peixia said...

While I thought you looked beautiful with your red hair, I will always love your natural color the best! The red dress looks Gorgeous on you!

Adam Fitzpatrick said...

i really loved the red on you, and i'm pretty sure i was the first to point out how Joansie you looked with it. i can't wait for MM and our partaaaaay - assuming that i am invited. -.-