Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pay It Forward

And no, not the Kevin Spacey movie. I love receiving mail almost more than anything else. Getting a handwritten note, card, package, paycheck, magazine, will not just make my day, it will make my week or longer. I check the mailbox every time I pass by, even at my parent's house when I come home to visit.  So you can imagine my reaction when I came home to a cardboard box with my name and cute little hearts drawn all over it in my momma's handwriting. That box didn't have a chance. I had been waiting for it for days. I tore it open to reveal curtain rods, curtains, and sheers for my living room, kitchen and pantry, there were also six different pillow covers to boot. 

At the beginning of this year my mom posted a status on Facebook that she would hand-make something special at random at some point in this next year to the first five people who commented on her post, as long as they also posted the same challenge on their wall. I was the third person to comment. (And yes, that means I have five people to whom I must send packages to). She knew I was unhappy with the janky pillow covers I had handmade, she knew I didn't have curtains in the kitchen, and she also knew that the curtains in my living room didn't fit my newly replaced window. 

My mom made the previous curtains I had hanging in the living room. I had picked out the previous fabric, it incorporated all the colors of our furniture and I had hopes it would make the room more cohesive. Though the second time around, when discussing fabric choices with my mom, I decided that getting a singular color might be best because the room isn't exactly large and having a monochromatic tone might tone down the busyness of it all. I'm quite happy with the choice.

Basically yes, it is ok that you feel jealous. You can always wait till next year and when my mom chooses to Pay It Forward again.

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