Friday, March 15, 2013

Beard Papa's

Top News: Beard Papa's has opened a new location closish to my house. O_O

I love all things custard, especially vanilla. Custard pie, coconut custard pie, puddings, creme brulee, flan, bread pudding, Bavarian cream donuts, Boston cream cakes, cream puffs, you get the idea. So when I was introduced to Beard Papa's yesterday, I realized it was a match made in Heaven. We are MFEO (made for each other) or at least they are made for me. Not only do they have cream puffs but they are full of real custard, are sold at really affordable prices, have seating and free wifi.

For those of you not in the know, as I was before yesterday, you pick out which pastry shell you want. You have a choice of chocolate, vanilla, vanilla dipped in chocolate, or a Paris brest (which is kind of a twisted donutty thing). Then you choose the filling, they always have vanilla and then they have a daily special such as green tea as seen in the picture on the right. Its fantastic.

Today just so happened to be the grand opening and I was given a free cup of coffee and a free tote bag. Basically, you need to drop everything you are doing and get down there.

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