Monday, January 7, 2013

My Multi-Purpose Scarf

I previously mentioned that I had put my lovely dalmatian patterned scarf through the wringer, let me explain. Within a twenty-four hour period of me getting the poor thing I had left it in the Korean restaurant (blogged about here) because I had taken it off so I wouldn't get soup on it. Once I realized I had left it, we immediately returned to retrieve it, so its not like I am completely derelict or anything. I also had a problem with snagging it on occasion but the granddaddy snag happened when I put it in the purse I was borrowing because I was afraid to leave it again. And then it happened, the zipper caught my scarf and about tore it to pieces.

The abuse its received just proves it has been used. Sure I could keep it pristine in a box, but what's the point of that really? When I say this scarf has been used, I really mean it too. It is quite multi-purposeful.

Exhibit A: Style/ Warmth

Exhibit B: To use as a face-mask because you had the 24-hour stomach flu but don't want to get your family sick on Christmas Eve.

Exhibit C: Used as packing material so the mug you got won't break on the drive across country.

Though I intended on telling you about my ever-so-handy scarf, I am somewhat stalling until more WMS photos are loaded. Haha 

Until then, hope is all well.


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