Saturday, December 15, 2012


Up to me leaving for Kansas I had been (well, still am) quite the busy bee. I went to bed at 3am and got up at 7 or 8am many ah times this week. Design work, troubleshooting, dental appointment, dinners, meetings, Christmas partays and galavanting across Diamond Bar, etc. It has been a fantastic whirlwind (well, not the being sick, but the rest of it I have loved). So many things to do, so little time. With World Mission Summit up around the bend and Christmas time drawing nearer, I don't foresee things slowing down any time soon.

Before leaving to visit my family, I was able to meet up with several friends and students. Thursday night one of my Chinese teachers, Eric wanted to treat Sara, Citrin and me to dinner at BDC Tofu House in Koreatown. While I am in Kansas he will be traveling to Chicago and then New York City and later to DC and won't be back till March, so it was a great last hurrah or more like a 'see you later' kind of dinner.

I am loving the barley tea right now, too too good.
* These two pictures were taken with my phone, but you get the idea.

Due to his travels, Eric was throwing out several things and asked if I wanted his lamp. O_O I love it. And I returned my cute little yellow desk lamp to my night stand where it belongs.

I have plans of adding a pin board above my desk for inspiration and reminders and general helpfulness. To be continued...

The next day the Farrums wanted to take me and the Fitz to her stomping grounds. Diamond Bar is highly influenced by several Asian cultures. So we started our Diamond Bar tour with eating at Farrums' favorite Korean Restaurant. I had the most glorious rice cake and dumpling soup topped with seaweed.

Following dinner we went to a Japanese Photobooth "arcade" called Cue. If you ever go to Cue and you feel completely overwhelmed by the loud music emitting from each photobooth, the bright colors and the overall kawaii cuteness and you don't know what to do just follow these steps:

One would think that we had had enough after gorging ourselves and making two full sheets of photobooth fun, but that would be wrong. We carried our shenanigans over to the Asian market and bought and devoured several mini Lucky Fish. If you don't know what Lucky Fish are, I'll try to explain. Basically they have several little cast-iron molds of fish and they fill the molds with a batter like a waffle iron. Then they fill the little fluffy fish with custard or red bean paste. 

8pcs for $3! What a steal!
We did however skip out on the Taiwanese shaved ice and will have to have it on another excursion. After our Lucky Fishes we went back to Culver and I packed up all my things and tied some loose ends. 

Oh yes, and the Farrums and I gave each other our little Christmas presents and she bought me a Vietnamese coffee filter as well as the coffee and condensed milk. n__n

Well after so much traveling and whatnot I am pretty beat. I am going to let you go now.


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