Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catching My Breath

I've realized it is a little difficult to catch your breath while you continue to run. That's what I feel like I have been doing these past few weeks. I thought I would catch my breath after the conference and after traveling across the United States, but evidently I kept putting things off for when I got back. Here are some highlight photos of World Mission Summit (most of which will be around the exhibit I was a part of,  unfortunately I wasn't able to see any other exhibits.)

Some of our costumes.
We also did human statues as part of our guerrilla marketing.

Fuzzy up-close cellphone picture of my costume/hair behind stage.
During our "Experience into the world" session.

So that's the quick overview of the XAi room. Here are some more non-XAi related WMS pictures. 

4,000 + students in the main service times.
There were meals with missionaries.
Fun in the exhibit hall

More fun in the exhibit hall.

XA's "Experience into the world", who's them was "seeing the world through a different lens."
Eurasia's "Experience into the World"

We squeezed in some awesome hang out time of course.
And here are some photos from the trip from Texas to Cali. Because I did a large portion of day time driving and my camera batteries were dead I didn't get tons of great pictures. But here are some cellphone pictures.

We were so close to the border that my cell phone provider sent me this message.

Travel buddies...this is Sara.


I think Jen slept the entire time, otherwise I would have shared a different picture of her. 

I had a great time back home, in Texas and on the road. Now, I'm glad to be in the swing of things again. Meeting up with students, doing design work and other Chi Alpha goings-ons. Sorry for such a delay, I hope now that I got my WMS post under my belt I will be able to post more up-to-date posts. 

Until then, I wish you all well.


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