Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week Zero- Carnival

Today's event was the grandaddy of all events we have put on to date. We had a dunk tank where we dunked a real live USC Trojan! We had inflatable games like Jacob's Ladder, Wreaking Ball and Rapid Fire. We served lemonade, popcorn and hot dogs. We set up a face-cutout standee for photo ops. We had music and prizes. Over a four hour span there were 500+ students involved in our carnival.

I would say what # of this or that we handed out today, but I don't really know the stats off hand other than the fact that we handed out 750 lemonades today. All the rest would be conjecture, so I will just say that we handed out a lot of things today.

Here are just a few photos.

The Carnies!

Whelp, I am ultra tired and am going sign off. Goodnight my loves!


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