Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Moon Fest

Today on the way to church I found that the main street I have to cross in order to get to church was completely blocked off because of a race. I thought it was just a bike race so we kept driving west towards the beach to go around the race, it turns out it was a triathlon and they were literally coming from the ocean. The race started in the ocean and went all the way to downtown LA from 7am-11am. The only other option was taking the 405 during Carmaggedon. Needless to say I didn't make it to church. Though I did make it to my friends' Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.
Shego and Margaret spent hours preparing this glorious meal! It was so so wonderful, and you should be jealous. n__n

We had: baby bamboo, seaweed, shrimp, dehydrated baby shrimp, fried tofu, dehydrated potatoes, cucumbers in vinegar, fried rice, poridge, and moon cakes.

As I was setting the timer, I accidentally took a picture. While flipping through the pictures on my camera it looked like I appeared out of thin air. It looked fun, so I made a gif for you. :)
I recognized this fruit, longans from my trip to Thailand years ago.

Love was literally in the air. When I left our celebration I watched Kai for a little bit. As I was walking up to the door she was sitting in the front window pointing to the sky saying, "Love!" It was perfect.

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