Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week Zero- Snow Cones & Frisbee

Today's promo items: Sunglasses, tumblers and snowcones
# of snowcones handed out: 700
# of tumblers and sunglasses: I actually don't know these numbers

Yes, you read correctly, we handed out 700 snowcones today. We set up a frisbee throw game, a bean bag toss game and our snowcone table. If you made one out of four tries you won either the tumbler or the pair of sunglasses depending on the game.  Following our snowcone/games and prize giveaway we played ultimate frisbee (well our team did while I took pictures, my ankle isn't exactly in tip top shape unfortunately.)

Here are a few of those pictures...

ND talking to people on the other side of the fence before the game.

Action shots

Whelp, I better get my sleep, tomorrow is the carnival! O_O

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