Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This weekend was a time of rest and restoration. We had our Chi Alpha Staff Gathering, which was full of stories, worship, prayer, messages, encouragements and so much more. We capped off the weekend with a fun 50's themed party... the bottom picture is my sad attempts to being from the 50's. Everyone else wore poodle skirts, rolled up jeans and chuck taylors and I walked around looking like whatever that is.

Tomorrow I leave for Kansas and won't be back till the 18th. I have dreams of taking at least one picture a day and then posting it on here but I haven't exactly been faithful to you...which I am very sorry about.  I think the problem is, that I don't really think people want to hear about my life. It feels kind of selfish. So maybe I will try and branch out a bit and see how I can spice things up or something.

Speaking of being selfish... my birthday is on Sunday, you should be excited. I will post pictures of things that I expect you to send me in the mail. You're welcome.

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