Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Spirit

(Due to Thanksgiving, I don't have any official Chi Alpha events this week. No services, no large group meetings, no small groups, etc. So I am taking some of this time to catch up on quite a few things. One of which is updating my blog and giving it new life and sharing with you what I have been up to.)

At the start of fall quarter, I started my new role in the ministry I am part of here in SoCal. Due to my new role, I moved closer to campus. Its bittersweet. My apartment in Koreatown had unique architectural nuances, high ceilings, natural lighting, wood floors, that curved wall, diffused lighting and a pool in the center of a courtyard. It was charming. But so so far from everyone and I was constantly stuck in traffic going back and forth, not to mention the cost of gas. Towards the end of the summer, my amazing roommate told me that she also had to move out for one reason or another. 

By the end of September I was moving into my new apartment, just a block away from campus. It may not be as charming or chic as my last digs and I can't walk to the Korean market anymore, or sit poolside while soaking up the sun (as if I ever really did that, I would've burned for sure, but I at least had the option). Though I can walk to campus on a moments notice, invite more people into my home  without the hassle of getting them here, and of course save all that precious gas money. 

My gracious roommates have also humored me by allowing me to do a majority of the interior design in our home so I feel like I am settling in fairly well. Just this last week I entertained 8 people for our FriendsGiving event at our house. I broke out the gold chargers, my growing Paola Navone dish collection and bought some pumpkins for decor.

Sadly I was more concerned with the food than taking any real pictures, so this is all I have to show for the night. But it was awesome to finally be able to host. I am finally in a place that is both large enough and has the right location to entertain friends.

I might get a lot of flak for what I am about to share with you and rightfully so, but I do have reasons for my actions... but yes, yes, I have put up my Christmas decor before Thanksgiving. 1. I will be leaving for Christmas in Kansas midway through December and I want to be able to enjoy my Christmas decorations as much/ as long as possible before I leave. 2. Due to the fact that I celebrated FriendsGiving a week earlier than Thanksgiving, it feels like I already celebrated the holiday, and it feels natural to put it up now. 3. I actually have free time now to put it up whereas I won't in the near future. 4. Putting them up gives me an excuse to show you my new space.

I decorated a wreath, added some broken snowflakes to the chalk board and added some ornaments to my Lucky Cats.

I bought some cinnamon scented pine cones which makes my house smell dreamy!

Suffix also is getting in the Holiday spirit!

Well hopefully you won't write me off for my preemptive Christmas decor. Talk to you soon!


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