Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I used to view birthdays as a celebration of a new life and celebrating your sheer existence. A day to be glad that you were born. It wasn't until this year that I started viewing birthdays as a celebration that you have made it this far. It really puts a different emphasis on your age. Before I would be glad I was born and then seeing my new number, my new age would just be a reminder that I have used up that much time since the day I was born, and reminded me that I still haven't accomplished anything and time is ticking away. Though when I think of making it in life this far, for 28 years, it makes me view my age as a badge of honor. I have made it 28 years on this Earth and counting, hear me roar! Today, I  celebrate my being born but I am also proud of my age.

The cake my momma made me from scratch. Mmmmm!
Birthday outfit!

The hat I bought in Cap Haiten.


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Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

Happy birthday, friend! You get more glamorous every year!