Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mwen Sonje Ou Anpil (I Miss You A Lot, in Haitian Creole)

I really do miss you. I have had so much to tell you about but then I let too much time go and then I have been backed up on things to share and don't know where to start. Things like my turtles and their cute pictures, going to the MadMen event at the Kodak theater, going to Las Vegas twice, finding a junk table on the side of the road and refinishing it for my kitchen, being in my sister's wedding and seeing her off to the Marines (oorah!), getting a much unexpected promotion that is daunting and exciting and completely over my head, dressing up for our final banquet, going to Haiti and traveling to new exciting places I've never been to, among so many other things. So I guess I should just start somewhere and that somewhere is my travels to Haiti and my most favorite pictures I took during that time (minus ones I did for a photoshoot because that would spoil the work I plan to do with them). Then after Haiti photographs I can organically share whatever comes to mind from the past few months. Deal?

As we were driving through Cap Hatien after the World Cup match (Argentine vs Netherlands) fans started to storm the streets.

The first eight pictures here were taken in Fond Doux, Haiti. The rest were taken in or near Cap Hatien, the first original capital of Haiti. The ruins are the ruins of the Sans Souci Palace. The ocean picture was taken at Cromier beach. The last one was taken in Cap Haitien. I have a lot more pictures and stories behind most but this is all I will share for now. 



Adam Fitzpatrick said...

i made it into your blog!!

Bryan Citrin said...

The boat picture is incredible! Just reaffirming that you're a great photographer.

Rachelle Hamilton said...

@Adam yes sir, you did make it. I really like the colors and lighting of the photo. It has a slight tenebrism quality that I like about it, emerging from darkness and all.

@Citrin thank you for the affirmation. It is probably one of my favorite favorite shots, I am really glad I captured it when I did with the fire smoke and all.