Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Look Book III

I don't consider myself a fashion guru by any stretch of the imagination. Though I do like making different combinations and expressing myself through clothing. I have seasons of color schemes like those couple years where I wore pretty much all black, I wasn't being goth, I just liked the slimingness simplicity of it all. Occasionally I will choose an urban vibe. Or sometimes an androgynous look. I will "go country" or "artistic." For the past few years I have been into wearing neutral solids, solid gray shirt with a solid camel color motor jacket, solid chambray shirt with a solid army-green jacket, solid black shirt with a purple sweater, etc.

More recently though, I have been drawn to color, unique shapes and patterns. Mixing old and new, mixing cultures (see poncho), working with different proportions and shapes and sizes. Occasionally I will make a post here or there with "looks" I have put together. So here are some of my recent concoctions I have come up with. I have more outfit combinations than are here, but these are what I will feature for now.

(Note: I had my hair up in a ponytail before these pictures and was trying to fluff it up so you can't see the bumps, so now I just look kind of messy. haha)

Top: Goodwill, unknown brand $3 | Jeans: Goodwill, 7 For All Mankind $7 | Shoes: Target $20

Top: Christmas gift/ garage sale find, unknown brand |  Jeans: gift,  It Hottie | /Boots: gift, vintage Neiman Marcus

Dress: Goodwill, handmade $5 | Boots: Goodwill (in KS), leather cowgirl boots $5

Jacket: birthday gift, American Rag | Top: birthday gift, Free People | Jeans: thrift store, Paige $15 | Heels: thrift store, Coach wedge heels $30

Poncho: birthday gift/ thrift store, unknown brand | Shirt: gift, Toki Doki shirt | Jeans: thrift store, 7 For All Mankind $8 | Boots: birthday gift, black leather dingo boots from Nigros

Until later.


PS I went to a place called Dumb Starbucks today though the line was too long so I didn't get anything. And now it looks like it is closed down anyways. :/

PPS My roommate and I went to a different coffee place in lieu of that one not working out, and we also stopped by a fun Goodwill shop and I bought a pair of jeans that are a perfect fit for $8.

PPPS My roommate and I decided to make today the New Year so we could have a new new start. So Happy New Year folks!

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