Friday, December 20, 2013

Planes, Trains & Santa Claus

Last night Union Station had a special exhibition set up about the Kansas City Railroad and fused it with Santa Claus and the North Pole (kind of has a polar express feel, and works as if Santa travels by train rather than by reindeer). Visiting Santa at Union Station in the KCS Railroad exhibition is going on this whole Christmas season though there was a special visiting time for employees of KCS last night. As it turns out my step-dad just so happens to be an engineer and a conductor with KCS so we brought Remy to see the man in red.
The back side of Union Station. I just like the electric glow of their signage and how it makes the ground look red.

As we waited for Rem-cycle, some of the sibs had our picture taken.

I love how Union Station goes all out for their events and exhibitions.

When I saw Remy at first she announced that she is like Princess Ana from the movie Frozen.
Also, she asked Santa for "a lolipop, ballet dress, a tutu, and ballet shoes." #Imelted

It was difficult getting any shots of the smaller compartments of the train because it was a little cramped, but here is the ceiling (and Hannah's forehead) just to show how overwhelming the decor was. 
A couple of the train cars were elaborate toy train track displays.

Outside the train... I love this picture for several reasons, but especially since one person wasn't ready for the picture...evidently.

Walking the catwalk to Crown Center.
Union Station from the catwalk.

Little bit better shot.
This is just the beginning. Whew! Until later.


PS Also stay tuned for another fantastic guest post, coming soon!

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