Wednesday, December 18, 2013


What a contrast... it has almost become cliche comparing where I live and where I grew up, but seriously it is always such a shock when I arrive. Not just the weather but the contrast of daily activities etc. Just a few days ago, I was helping set up the launch of Elisha C, my friend's business and setting up my display of photography.

The day after that, the Farrums and I went hiking up the Hollyridge Trail in 86 degree weather.

Now I find myself wrapped in a blanket watching movies and tv shows with my family. Later we will take my niece to the train station to see Santa Claus (pictures of that will inevitably follow). The dichotomy of my life can sometimes be a source of stress because I want to be in two places at once, but really I love being able to experience life in both places. I can't imagine living without one of them. With all the stresses of living in two worlds, there are equal amounts of joy, and quite frankly makes my visits back home that much more sweeter.

Stay tuned for future Kansas shenanigans.


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