Monday, October 14, 2013


I forgot to tell you that I ran a 5K the other day, which was my third 5K since I have moved to LA. I had signed up months ago because there was an early bird special going on. I meant to tell my friends about it so they could join me, though I forgot that I had signed up until about a week before the race when I received a reminder email. It was at this point that I realized I would either be running this race alone or not running at all. So as you already know, I ran the race alone...well not really alone, there were 8,000 other runners but I was a stranger to them all. I figured it was better to run the race by myself and have a new experience (it was at night and it was a glow-run) than to not race at all (plus, I'm cheap and already paid for it.)

For those of you who are unaware, a glow-run is a run at night that is lit by blacklights and they throw colored powder at you, so you glow all crazy colors. So basically the Color Run but at night and with blacklights.

Since it was a glow run and supporting children's cancer research, I thought it would be fun to wear a wig. I wasn't originally planning on it but I saw it at Daiso Japan the morning of and couldn't resist. (After wearing it and seeing the style of it, I may try and dress up as Ramona Flowers for Halloween).

I've never worn makeup for a run, though, I felt it necessary with the wig.

This is the pre-run shot where we were all waiting for the race to begin. (Which was really unorganized by the way and we ended up standing at the starting line for 45 minutes and they didn't even end up sending us off in waves as they said they would so it ended up that runners and walkers and strollers were all mixed in and people almost got trampled.)

During the race at one of the color stations.

Post run picture... I didn't get colored too much during the run. Probably because I'm so fast you know, they couldn't catch me, just joshing you, obvi. 

I may not have gotten covered during the race but I certainly did in the post race after-party.

They threw more color packets out to people in the crowd so we were standing in clouds of glow in the dark color, it was bananas, and hard to breathe in. 

They had this weird yet funny robot guy dancing on stage with the DJ's too.
Here is my post run and post after-party look. I look kind of scary/ extraterrestrial. 

All in all this was a great experience even if I didn't know another soul, you gain a kind of momentary kinship with others in situations like this as it is, so it wasn't like I felt alone or anything. I would definitely do it again. 

Stay tuned for posts about my first experience at the Chinese theater, partaking in my first hipster skate party and the art of making an Vietnamese ice coffee from home. Until then...


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