Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Color Run

As I previously mentioned, I ran a 5K the other day. I ran the whole time without stopping, which is an accomplishment for me. And yes, all pictures taken during the race were taken while I was running haha. So don't judge my photo compositions too much.

What is a Color Run? Well, since you asked... basically you run a normal 5K, and along the way there are color stations you run through where they cover you with color. If you have ever seen a or been a part of Holi, the holiday that celebrates color in India, you will have a good idea of type of color they use. It's this fine powder colored in bright brilliant colors. 

There are 5K Color Run races all over the US and they choose different local charities to support. The charity this last weekend was a rehabilitation center for those who are recovering from physical trauma.

Following the race there was a little dance party and color toss.

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Jori said...

I have seen many a post about color runs and even Holi, but this is easily my favorite. I love that you take pictures WHILE running.

And a hearty congratulations on stamina and speed as well!