Saturday, August 3, 2013

As Promised: First Friday Extravaganza

Since I have been in Kansas I have visited a great many galleries and thrift stores. I went to First Fridays at the Crossroads Art District as you know from my last post. And as promised I have photos to share with you. Autumn, Priscilla and I met up at the Belger as usual and took to the streets.

We had a fantastic photobooth picture taken at the photobooth bus! I'll have to put that picture up soon!

This was Autumn's favorite piece of the night.

Autumn ran into some of her friends. 

Following the galleries and the acrobats, we walked down to 18th Street to see the breakdancers outside of Birdies (see videos from yesterday). We then thought it would be fun to go to the Liberty Memorial and get some nice night shots.

 Priscilla and Autumn were very inspired by the breakdancers and tried out some of their moves. I think they have perfected their moves, watch out First Fridays, Priscilla and Autumn are on their way!

This is my favorite, Autumn looks like she fell and landed on her face and Priscilla's expression is fantastic.

I got some shots of me getting a couple things for the giveaway as well, but I will post that after sending out the package which I should do the day after tomorrow. So stay tuned for that. Today I went thrifting as I previously mentioned and I got an early birthday present that I will tell you about later.


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