Sunday, August 4, 2013


I just realized that I didn't blog today and that I have no idea as to what to talk about except for the fact that in 30 minutes I will no longer be 26. O_O

Aging never has really bothered me. It means I have survived and hopefully thrived and become wiser. The main thing I don't like about aging is feeling like I haven't done enough with the time I have been given thus far. I used to be more of a home-body, but I realized life is about experiences and relationships. You have to put yourself out there and do things that mean the most to you, and meet new people and tell stories along the way. Sometimes I am good at this, other times I burrow away and read a book or go on long walks talking to myself. Which I guess are good experiences too.

Either way you put it, I am glad I am going to be a year older.

(Evidently it took me 15 minutes to write this, because I am now 15 minutes away from 27)


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