Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Birthday? More like Birthweek

Internet activity has caused me to fail at my post-every-day-of-August challenge. So we are now changing it to post-as-much-as-possible-during-the-month-of-August challenge. My birthday was this past Monday and it was super perfect. I spent the afternoon eating at Andre's Confiserie Suisse and birthday shopping with my Gma. And then later that evening I had several family members over for a summery birthday dinner (bratwurst, potato salad, watermelon,  spicy spinach madeline, etc.) and had a homemade gradient cake with almond extract icing...mmmmm.

I basically have this week split up in two categories... 1.) birthday extraveganzas 2.) work related ventures. Since Monday I have been doing tours of different print shops and factories for my business (that I co-own) and getting inspired by the endless possibilities there are in printing materials and die-cut machines. More on that later! This evening I was treated to Oklahoma Joes (the original location that is connected to a gas station) and then later to McCormick and Schmicks for their infamous chocolate bag. More on that later too! Tomorrow I will be meeting more clients, and making measurements at potential sites we could work on. Friday night is another family birthday dinner. And Saturday I have another birthday outing. And throw in two different photoshoots on Thursday and Saturday for senior pictures and engagement pictures and you basically have my week! My week basically oscillates between work and birthday, work and birthday, work and get the idea.

I'm such a creature of habit, but I love getting their quiche lorraine. 

Though I did choose a different dessert this time and got the tiramisu torte and it was so good!

My momma took me to a legit boot store and bought me these Durangos! And I bought this top with my Gma. 

I bought the heels and the top with my Gma as well. 

I was literally instagramming myself blowing out the candles as my family was singing to me. And shamefully, I wasn't able to blow all the candles out with one breath. :/

This year's gradient cake (that my amazing momma made) is brought to you by the number 27, the color purple! The cake was also shaped like a heart. Also this picture was taken the day after, when I was eating cake for bfast. Don't judge. 

Until next time!

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