Saturday, July 20, 2013


Note: the early-birthday present I am wearing! Birthday poncho Eeeee!

Evidently this is my 300th blog post*. Ding ding ding! Yay! Woot woot! I want to do something special for this post but didn't know exactly what to do, but I would like to reward you for all of your hard work in following my dysfunctional ramblings. I wanted to do a "giveaway" of sorts but that would require people wanting to sponsor me, and who is kidding who here? I'm not going to get any sponsors. So it was suggested to me by the Farrums that I do a giveaway of items that I personally make.

So there you have it folks! I am making a "Swag-Bag" (in the words of the Farrums). Said giveaway may or may not include: 

  • Handmade post cards featuring my own photography
  • Handmade accessories (for example, a handmade leather envelope business card holder. Or if you prefer animal-frendly, a canvass option!) 
  • Especially for a local Los Angeles winner, I will be throwing in some awesome treats made by yours truly. Goodies may include caramels, pizzelles, or macarons - all made by me! 
  • Some other of my fave stuffs!

So this is how it will work...

Post a comment here on my blog or facebook message me with the following: Your name, city, and what you would like to see more of on my blog. I will close the door on this shindig a week from now, on Saturday, July 27th at midnight PST. I will then choose at random out of the pool of names and will send you** your magnanimous gift! Yaaay! This is exciting!

Though I do have a fear that no one is going to comment. So I'm going to go spend the next week making fake emails and I got some work to do.

Also  look at some of the cute packaging I got for the giveaway from Daiso Japan! (Though it is all pink and floral and cutesy, the giveaway is also appropriate for men, so don't let this dissuade any of you menfolk, I just thought it would be fun packaging, and I can alter it in case a man wins).

PS I love reading the warning and directional labels on all my Daiso products... let me share a few...

One warning on the ribbon spool says, "Be attention to avoid child eating." and later it says, "Dispose properly if you want." One warning on the "Paper Cushion" package says, "When subdivide the paper cushion, please do not pull it strongly. There may be a possibility that the finger gets involved, or even be injured." They are always very polite in saying please and if you want. And I love how it says "the finger gets involved." I bought a couple other things and label on the computer-toilettes I bought says "Never drink the solution as it is harmful to the human body". So adorable.

*(Some of the posts included in the 300 may not be viewable for one reason or another, so if you count them all up and call me out on it, that's what's going on, but there is technically 300 posts)

** If the winner lives in the US, shipping will be free. If the winner is outside of the US, we will have to figure something out haha.


Farrah Vazquez said...

How exciting! Okay, here's my humble entry to your sweepstakes. I hope I win!

Name: Farrah V
City: Los Angeles, CA
What I would like to see more of: I love following your blog and your IG! I think you're a great photographer and would love to see more of your professional photography. I would also like to see more of your insights into fashion because you have a unique fashion point-of-view. It would be fun to see a blog entry showcasing multiple ways to wear your new, awesome poncho.

Adam Fitzpatrick said...

name: Adam Fitzpatrick
city: 2 mins from your house
wanna see: you should post up #foodporn & recipes... of your own goodness. cuz you're the most ironest chef i know!

La Loca said...

Ahahah, food porn!
sandy vida
L to da A
I'm totally agreed on recipes! desserts specifically.

Peixia said...

Name: Trish Coleman(aka Mom)
City: Overland Park, Kansas

I would love to see more of your art work, photography, and I can go along with the whole cooking idea! You are super talented and I love following your blog!

Whitney Conard said...

yay i love giveaways. :)
name: whitney c.
city: poipet cambodia...or shawnee ks.
what i want: design tutorials. food recipes.
p.s. i might steal your idea for a random 211th blog post. always great to get more input on the bloggin! :)

João Rafael Dias said...

Name: João (Jo-aum/Jo-ooum/Joun/Jojo/Jao)

City: São Paulo, Brazil, Southern Hemisphere, more than 6200 miles from LA

I really enjoy everything you post in this blog. But maybe, you should post more PHOTOOOOOOOS!!! Maybe you could choose a theme and then make some clicks, etc etc. Besides, you shoudl share more movies, books, new food experiences! Ah almost forgot, Illustrator and Photoshop tips

Uwe said...

Name: Uwe M
City: Los Angeles
Requests: more photos, more food (places and recipes), and I guess I can always learn about fashion...

jori said...

I have been holding off because I can't decide how to answer the question... I still don't know.

name: Jori
city: Des Moines
more of: I want to say posts in general, because there is not a single category of post that I wish there was less of, but I will say more narrative/update/daily life posts.

The Ramblings of a High School Teacher said...

Name: Jeremy Avery
City: Des Moines, IA
Rachelle, I would love it if you would post your literary analysis of multiple works by JRR Tolkien. Just kidding... Sort of. Some recipes to go along with your foodographs (photographs of food) would be nice. I would also like for you to post your itenerary for your Des Moines road trip, which you should take sometime. Sooner, rather than later.

P.S. I hope I win...

The Ramblings of a High School Teacher said...

Just wondering if multiple comments = multiple entries into the drawing. If you have more Haitian photos, it would be nice to see them too.

If so...
Name: Jeremy Avery
City: Des Moines, IA

PPS. I hope that I win, again.

Jackey Arriaga said...

Oh gosh! Yay I'm so excited for this!

Name: Jackey A.
City: LA

I would like to see more food stuff too! I love your cooking!! Also, it would be cool for you to share more of your fashion tastes!

Steven Galan said...

Yesss, there's still time!

Name: Steven G.
City: LA

Like I said, a Vlog would be interesting. I'm sure you can come up with something awesome. Maybe pics of any of your creations (food, inedible objects..) And, if you want, you can even say how you made them (ง •̀_•́)ง
Finally, as the wise Uwe states: "I guess I can always learn about fashion..."