Thursday, July 25, 2013

Take a Hike!

I have been quite pleased by the response to my first giveaway post! (Should I capitalize that? Is giveaway connected to post considered a proper noun? Meh.) I now have several ideas for posts thanks to your lovely responses! I worry that I won't be able to deliver what has been asked but I can certainly try. For starters here are some photos I took this past week. 

The Farrums and I went hiking near her stomping grounds, Diamond Bar.

For some reason some of the water was orange, like really really orange. It was weird.

Usually I go to the morning service but this past Sunday the Farrums and I decided to go to the night service downtown. We went to special Faith Conversation discussion afterwards to boot!
I was very excited to hear that the Jesus Culture Conference was going on in LA, and was even more excited when I heard Reinhard Bonnke was coming to speak. Also was pleasantly surprised to see Sean Smith up on stage! Too good! 

Sadly I could only go to the Monday night service. 

Following the conference my friends and I capped the night off at BCD Tofu House. Spectacular. (Pretty sure Korean food is my fave food)

I've had quite the lovely week. I even went to a free concert yesterday. This weekend is the West Coast Staff Gathering and we will have a guest speaker and all sorts of good stuff.

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