Thursday, June 13, 2013

Very Eventful Part 3


Around midnight my momma, little brother, little sister and my mom's lovely friend, Margo arrived at my door! I didn't get any pictures of their arrival but it was wonderful! They brought me a new car with them, yay! It was a packed night that night...Lisa, my momma, Caleb, Hannah, Margo and I all under the same roof. The next morning we drove to the beach and it was so beautiful and such amazing waves that we just ran straight out into the freezing ocean and jumped the waves. I took everyone home and I took Lisa to the airport and we said our goodbyes. 


Following church we jotted down to Santa Monica Pier. I don't know if I have told you this before or not, but whenever I have an opportunity to take a pictures in a photobooth, I have to take it. I love it, I have quite the collection of them. I will have to share them with you sometime. So naturally when we saw the photobooth we had to seize the moment. We had lunch at great Thai restaurant by my house and then we went to the cemetery where several celebrities are buried which sounds morbid but their tombstones are really interesting. Then I had to introduce them to Diddy Riese ice cream sandwiches. Later that night we had plans of going to the Observatory, which is somewhere I have wanted to go to since I moved here. When we got there we realized there was construction and no parking spaces so we went to Hollywood instead. I'll have to go to the Observatory some other time I guess.

We went to the $5 gift shop, I really like the Hello Kitty glasses they had, I might get some someday. 


We went to Old Chinatown and they bought presents and he had lunch there. My momma bought me a Lucky Kitty, which I have wanted for sometime now (I'll have to show it to you sometime.) My momma was also going to buy me some little tiny baby turtles but when we were about to leave we realized we didn't put aside enough cash to buy them haha. Later that night after my Haiti meeting we had Farrah over and we grilled pork chops and had baked potatoes and a salad.


We had a "last supper" of sorts with my family and Joyce. It was a two-fold last supper because I was about to drop off my family at Union Station and also Joyce was going to leave for China the next day. So that day I had to say goodbye to several people I love. Luckily I will be able to see them all again by the end of the summer.

After dropping everyone off, the Farrums decided to go out for Taiwanese style dumpling "dim sum" in Monterrey Park. That is also where the Farrums introduced me to Daiso Japan, which was glorious and I will have to do a post about that one too!



Whitney Conard said...

whaaaat daiso is in la?! crazy! we went to daiso in tokyo and loved it, then saw one in bangkok too....guess they are taking over the world :) i love their packets of japanese paper!

Rachelle Hamilton said...

I know right?! Its so so exciting! There are several locations here in LA. I yelped it and it turns out one is like 6 miles from my house! I am ecstatic about this news!! I love the packets of Japanese paper too!