Friday, June 14, 2013

Daiso Japan

If you live anywhere near LA (or Japan or Thailand evidently) you must make your way to Daiso will change your life. And if you don't live near any of the afore mentioned locations, I suggest you make a pilgrimage there. E'rything is $1.50 (unless indicated otherwise, but there are very few items that aren't $1.50)  Its like an adorable and slightly more expensive 99 cent store. They have binto boxes, office supplies, cooking supplies, etc. Also if you like anything kawaii, this is your place.

Here are the items I bought the other day. If I could move into the store I would. If their food selection were larger I would actually consider it and then I would be a hermit and never leave.

I've made coffee with my new pour-over and it is so fantastic. I've considered buying the same item from different places but always opted out because of the price. Also the push-pin colors are perf for my house. I foresee the little bowl being my Oreo-bowl... you know, for portion control and all. Also I like that I now have taller socks that aren't slipper-socks, sometimes you just want taller socks and you don't need the little rubber grips on the bottom. Also I am contemplating switching to this notebook for my sketch book because it has a spiral, though the sheets are really thin and don't know how it would fare as a sketch book...we shall see. 

Well, that's all. I just had to let you in on the secret of this place.

PS Stay tuned for another mystery guest-blogger coming to this blog soon!

PPS I went to the Chiropractor Wednesday and today and it turns out I had a "bulging" disk at my C5 in my neck (which sounds gross, sorry) and it was pinching a nerve that runs into my shoulder. But things are looking much much better now! :D and I have been able to sleep through the night now, which is always good! 

PPPS My desktop computer is messing up and I have to take it to the Apple store, though all the Apple stores are conveniently in the middle of the various shopping centers and I will have to carry it from the parking garage through the streets and shopping center to get to the Apple store. -___- Probably not the best idea considering I have already been dealing with back problems as it is. 

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