Friday, June 7, 2013

Very Eventful Part 2

And the shenanigans continue! A brief rundown of my staycation...


Started the week off right and introduced Lisa to the beaches of LA. We saw about 15 dolphins out in the open and wild. She then treated me to dinner and we tried Father's Office, which was a fantastic idea. My burger had Maytag Blue, arugula, and caramelized onions and the shoestring fries were served with a superb aioli. I will definitely need to make sure I come back again.


Tourist for the day to the max! We bought StarMaps which has the addresses of hundreds of celebs. I saw the driveways of CeeLo Green, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, etc. etc. Followed it all up with Sprinkles cupcakes.


After being here for three years, I finally made my way down to downtown Hollywood. I saw the hand prints, the stars and the casting couch. Too too fun. Also I am very proud of myself, mastering the bus system and all. I feel like a real-live adult, which doesn't happen to often. Oh! And I bought my first LA hat! n__n

I was able to find the handprints of my boyfriend, Cary. Well, my boyfriend, only separated by time, space, and status, but whathaveyou. I also was very excited to find Doris Day's star...I am quite a sucker for old classic films and almost prefer them to their modern day counter parts. So you can imagine my reaction when I found Jimmy Stewart's hand prints too. Le sigh. Still makes my heart go pitter-patter.


Lisa and I rented a car for the day (which is surprisingly affordable, contrary to my previous beliefs) and we went to Long Beach and took a boat cruise for the purpose of "whale watching." We came upon a pod of dolphins and were surrounded by hundreds of them, it was truly spectacular. We also saw 2 full grown blue whales, though one of them fluked it was a ways off and I wasn't able to take a picture.

Since we had a car and were down south as it was, I wanted to show Lisa the shores of Laguna beach. The waves were amazing and full of surfers who were so so impressive. We also went to several galleries and took in the art of many local artists. Oh and did I mention that I ran into Picollo's bookstore earlier that day? What a dream! I bought six books and had to cut myself off. I haven't been able to consume enough pages, pouring over my current book so I can get to my new ones. Ahhh!

No matter how beautiful art could be, it would never compare to the beauty of creation. It is almost unsettling having the exhibit juxtaposed to the sunset, what a great reminder. Nothing man does can touch what G-d can do. 


Today has been a lazy day. Lisa leaves tomorrow and wanted to fit in as much beach time in before she is landlocked again. So I went in full beach-bum attire and we took the bus. Surprisingly the waves were absolutely colossal today. Truely breathtaking. Also since it is National Donut Day we had to find the nearest donut shop. We found out Zelda's is actually known for their mini donuts. So we ordered 30. They put them in a bag and shake it with powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar. They taste like little funnel cakes.

Bummin'= sweats+unkept hair+ no makeup+ backpack full of books (aww, swoon!) Also note that the donut guy has a fantastic handle-bar mustache! 

PS My momma, her lovely friend, Margo, my little brother and sister are just around the corner and should be here TONIGHT! Eeeeee! 

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