Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Very Eventful Part 1

I have had quite an action-packed weekend...


I had the honor and privilege of taking Kelsey's graduation pictures. Followed that with our last Bible Study group that night and had boba as our last hurrah. 


The Farrums came over and did my hair before she had to run off to work. Grabbed lunch and then I proceeded to get ready for our Final Banquet. I unintentionally had a 'Joan' inspired outfit and was therefore called Joan for the rest of the night. Following the Banquet we had our after party at a skating rink. I only fell five times haha. Each time was pretty hard and mainly because I was trying to be silly or go too fast. One of the times I fell I actually re-tweaked a nerve in my shoulder area and haven't been able to sleep a full night since. :/ My neck hurts so bad I can hardly turn my head. 

The Farrums took this of me before she left, I think its the only head-to-toe picture I got of my outfit. 

My photography-buddies! The lovely Joyce (also my Chinese teacher) and the ever so guapo Joao. 

Watching the limbo competition. 


Woke up bright and early and was picked up by the Farrums to go to an open discussion at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in downtown LA. The description for the event was "A conversation with Pastor Melvin Fujikawa about his experiences as a gay Christian and his journey". It was not a political, theological or moral conversation but rather a testimony of one man's life. The focus was on G-d's love and being real about our struggles. The room was full of genuinely concerned and interested people of all different ages and backgrounds. The Q&A was inspiring and heart-wrenching of people desiring to build bridges with loved ones, friends and world as a whole. 

This video was shared at the event, the speaker is actually featured as one of the singers as well.


Woke up bright and early again and picked up my dear friend, Elisabeth from the airport. Ran off to church. Introduced her to Top Val and downtown Culver. 

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Farrah Vazquez said...

Your life is so full of excitement! I think you did an awesome job with Kelsey's grad pix, plus she looks great in them!