Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big Fish

Have you seen the movie Big Fish? If you haven't I suggest you do. If you have, you will understand what I am talking about. You know the town that he goes to, where everyone feels compelled to take of their shoes and they never want to leave? This happened to me this weekend. I found that town, but instead of having the softest grass in the world they have the clearest water and all you want to do is take off your shoes and walk on the beach till you die. I contemplated going on couch-surfer, find a place and stay for the weekend. I had a bag and my bikini already, all I would've needed was a ride back home. But alas I had glorious plans with wonderful friends the next day which beckoned me back home, so I don't regret leaving.

Where is this place you may ask? And how did I find myself there? I went to Laguna Beach because I was asked to shoot a wedding there this weekend. It was my first experience with wedding photography and the layed-back nature of the wedding gave me a lot of grace which I am very grateful for. I arrived an hour earlier than expected and the wedding party showed up an hour late which allowed me a couple hours of exploring. Its a cute little beach town full of art galleries, fantastic restaurants and a breathtaking view.

I used two cameras, just to cover my bases. Though I don't have the memory card reader for the camera I borrowed so I will show a few pictures I took with my personal camera.

Because the wedding was pushed back an hour, the tide was quickly coming in and people were getting wiped out left and right or were getting trapped by the rocks.

In the end, it was a beautiful wedding full of beautiful people. They didn't have a reception so afterwards I stopped by a restaurant and my friend got lobster macaroni and cheese. O_O so good! I got a smokehouse burger that was cooked to perfection. 

PS The day after the wedding I had a couple of friends, Wei and LuLin over for dinner and a movie. This is what I made them. 

Wrapped in bacon and covered in pepper. Mmmmmm...

Asparagus is almost cliche for me, but it was on sale and tastes too too good!
PS While cutting an onion, I about cut off my thumb, thank G-d for nails. I think it is impossible for me to do anything without injuring myself somehow hahaha. #clumsy #annoying

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