Friday, May 3, 2013


Quite a bit has happened since I last wrote, so let's rewind a little.

1. Thai Culture night with Pat and Kai
2. Muay Thai at the Thai Culture night
3. International Performances at the Fowler put on by the Dashew Center
4. A traditional Mexican dance
5. Our Malaysian friends performing traditional songs and dances
6. The Taiwanese-Chinese pop A Cappella group watching from above
7. I was able to walk around the Fowler Art Museum for the last 30 minutes they were open after the show. 
8. I taught a workshop on InDesign to several interested students and staff 
9. Following the workshop a group of us went to an art opening reception at Giant Robot
10. A few of my friends and I were invited by Wei and LuLin to make amazing homemade dumplings with his parents before they returned home to China
11. My wonderful car is no longer operable due to a driving "mishap," pretty sad about this one. :/

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