Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Sure you have to search for parking, you have to deal with smog and pricey housing, but you have to admit, nothing beats the beach and such wonderful weather! Sheesh. I am one lucky girl. A day at the beach is just what the doctor ordered after a stressful car ordeal on Thursday.

Pretty much a great lazy day at the beach full of snacks, music, friends, sports, and daring ourselves to touch the frigid waters of the ocean. Its okay to be jealous, I understand. ;)

PS A reader of my blog sent me a wonderful gift through the mail the other day (granted, it is my cousin but I sound cooler when I say it like that). She saw that I had mentioned back/shoulder pains and sent me magnetic therapy fingers crossed, I'll see some improvements! I'll keep you posted on that front. Thanks Cindy!

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