Thursday, March 7, 2013


So that breather took a little longer than I expected haha. I have had so many thoughts on things I could write about that I don't know where to begin. Take for instance the fact that my momma sent me a care-package chalked full with pillow cases, curtains and curtain rods for my living room, kitchen and pantry. Or I could tell you about the different shades my hair has taken since I turned it red in November. I could tell you about my Lent fast and how I have decided to give up all lyrical music. I could tell you about my favorite Japanese friends who will be returning to Japan this next week and how I feel inspired to do a photography project of all the international students that I connect with before they leave for forever. Or how I just bought a slow cooker for $13 the other day and my plans to break it in this weekend.

The list continues. So I've decided to do a rando (short for random) conglomeration of pictures from my phone and computer and then I will proceed to make posts of the afore mentioned ideas. This way all the daily hustle and bustle gets covered and then I can narrow it down to the nitty gritty. n__n Sound good?

1. A cake I made for my Encounter Group
2. My ticket to see an open forum, featuring Ravi Zacharias
3. Dinner under the stars
4. White Roses from some sweet boys on Valentine's Day
5. View from one of my running trails
6. Getting sweet tatts
7. Found a fun newish pastry place called Copenhagen (which is evidently in Denmark)
8. Candles that came to my rescue when my city randomly had a blackout
9. I finished this design made up of words
10. View on the way to the hot tub

I might add more photos later, but probably not. haha


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