Friday, March 22, 2013

St. Rice Paddy's Day

This past St. Patrick's Day was like none other that I have experienced. Growing up, St. Patrick's Day was always a big thing at my house, it went beyond just wearing green and possibly eating Lucky Charms. If you went to bed the night before without wearing something green you would be woken up by being pinched, and no, yelling that you have green eyes and were therefore exempt would get you anywhere. Our food would be green and Irish themed, we would dress up and go to the St. Patrick's day parade in downtown Kansas City and would have a real Irish family dinner. Some of this is due to my Irish heritage and some of it has to do with being from KC (we may not be Chicago or Boston, but KC has quite a rich Irish history).

Though I live in California now, and while my family was back home eating colcannon, corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and green cake and sherbert, I was enjoying something quite different. My dear Chinese teacher, Eric invited me and several of my friends to his house so he could treat us to authentic Chinese food. O_O

Eric cooked while Javen and Sara served.

Duck soup, duck with fermented black bean sauce,  pork and peppers, Coke-chicken, fish, rice, greens, bok choy, green tea, black soy drink, oolong tea, leng tea, black sesame dessert and beard papa's. 

I hope this can be a new tradition of mine on St. Patrick's Day. Granted Eric won't be here for much longer but I can eat authentic Chinese food on March 17th in honor of him.

Regardless of the change in food, I still had to wear my green. I also made a fun headband out of paper that I donned for about 5 minutes before I felt too silly.

A couple days after St. Patrick's Day, I ran by Essential Chocolate Desserts to see what discounted holiday desserts they had...I wanted a cupcake but all they had were minty-chocolate cupcakes and I wasn't feeling it. So I got their "gourmet" ding-dong instead.

Tried using natural light, evidently, it wasn't enough.
PS. Yesterday I was going to go to IKEA to see about getting a stool for my desk though since I didn't have the measurements for the stool and I had to work on taxes I decided not to go. Then while driving towards my house after dinner I spotted a chair sitting on the side of the road and the Farrums and I carried it all the way home. (And my arm shook for the rest of the night and it hurt all day, I need to work my arms out more) So stay tuned for future chair posts.

PPS. The Farrums gave me a Tokidoki shirt and jacket! O_O

PPPS. I was productive and got my taxes finished today. While the Farrums was held captive at my house. Sorry about that Farrah.

PPPPS. Turns out my fave LA bookstore, Piccolo's is closing in a couple days. Expect a Memorial post soon.

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