Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Year of the Snake

Happy Lunar New Year to those of you who follow that calendar. This past weekend I celebrated Chinese New Year with 100+ of my closest international friends. Ping pong tournament, karaoke, mahjong, games and authentic Chinese food to boot. Mmmm... so so good.

The flyer I made for the event.

It was like a little bit of home. Every year since I was 11 years old my family would always celebrate Chinese New Year. With the most elaborate and beautiful dragon dances, drums, lion dancers, red envelopes and well-wishes (some years there would be fan dances and calligraphy too).

In the past I would wear a qipao but this year I wore a wonderful black silk jacket with a peacock embroidered on it, thanks to my momma who mailed it to me. I've had the jacket for several years now, but I have forgotten to bring it to LA with me every time I visit.

This is my qipao I wore in 2009.

I'm usually the only one dressed up but there is no other time I will wear a qipao, so why not?

A silly self-portrait I made years ago.

In short, I had a lovely time with amazing friends, I miss my family, and I hope this year is fantastically blessed.

I'd better go to bed now, I have had a rather long day.


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