Sunday, February 3, 2013


Call me an idealist but every year I try and set resolutions for myself. Attainable goals, nothing too crazy and usually unquantifiable (so maybe not exactly attainable if I can't quantify it).

Starting this year off I set some goals for myself... (in no particular order)
1. Read Dave Ramsey book, and work towards being more financially stable
2. Eat healthier and exercise more
3. Invest more in all my relationships
4. Learn Chinese and Creole
5. Memorize more of the Bible and study it more, grow closer to G-d
6. Read more books than last year (always a goal of mine, but the last couple years I have kind of failed)

A month has passed so let's see how I'm doing...
1. Haven't gotten any further in my Dave Ramsey book but I have started a Mint account and still plan on reading the book.
2. I have been eating marginally better and with smaller portions. I have also integrated running into my weekly routine.
3. I think I have gotten better at some of my relationships more or less...this is one of those goals that you always grow in, so its kind of a lifelong-long-term goal.
4. I have been working on my Chinese but without the aid of a native speaker since winter break...and I haven't been able to get anywhere with my Creole (though I did speak a little bit today when I spoke to Sadraq on the phone.)
5. Yet again this is kind of one of those lifelong-long-term goals, but I do believe I am stronger than last year.
6. I've been at a stand-still with my book mainly due to time constraints, but I have a wonderful list of books that are waiting for me and I have more motivation.

Since my mom bought me fancy-schmancy gps shoes that sync to my phone a while ago, I have been really taking advantage of them to meet my health goals for this year. Here is the view from the highest point of my run.

This may not be the longest distance to anyone else, but this is kind of big for me.

I actually did better time today for a 5K

A few days ago a friend posted on fb that there was a free ticket to run in the Color Run that went on today at Dodger Stadium. Since I have been running consistently I thought I would seize the moment and join in the fun. I wanted to take my nicer camera but I couldn't really run with it and I was afraid of getting color in it. 

Those pictures will come soon. Part of me thinks I should post them now, but I am pretty tired and I think I will hold off.


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