Monday, January 28, 2013

Giddy for the Getty

See what I did there...get it..giddy...Getty? Cornyness aside, I really am giddy for the Getty. Rife with magnificent architecture that is intertwined with nature, natural light and spectacular art. Could it get any better? Why yes, yes, it can when you add friends to the mix! 

Seldomly do I have a free day to do as I please, so when I woke yesterday and saw that it was so beautiful outside and that I didn't have any pressing appointments or design projects, I decided to seize the moment and go on an adventure.

I put my camera next to me before I left the house and had new batteries to boot, and then of course I completely forgot about it all together. I might be seeing signs of early onset dementia which is kind of disturbing. So naturally all my pictures were taken with my phone, so please don't judge me.

In order to get up to the Getty you have to take the tram.
This is normal right?

Oh you know.

I love the color, movement and content of this painting. John recording Revelations, with his hand to his heart. 

The garden was breathtaking.
When we came out of the south pavilion, we were engulfed in fog and clouds. It was truly surreal. 

Leaving before museum fatigue really settled in.

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