Friday, January 4, 2013

I Knew It!

I knew this would happen. I had dreams and thoughts of blogging about my roadtrip from Kansas to Texas, blogging through World Mission Summit, blogging through my roadtrip from Texas to California...but I did nothing of a sort. Instead I slept when I had free time and worked or drove during the awake times. In addition to this, my camera's batteries died pretty early in the trip and I was never able to get new ones, so I have some cellphone shots I can share, but that's pretty lame.

 Here are all the blog posts I thought of while I was going through the afore mentioned events:

- My Spotify Christmas Playlist Vol. 2 (Not happening anymore)
-Christmas Present Break Down
-My Multi-Purpose Scarf
-Steam Punk WMS
-On The Road Again
-Resolutions and New Beginnings

So let me get organized and get my stuff together and I will see what I can come up with. I just got home last night and am still trying to get everything back into order. I have a "to do list" the length of my arm and need to whittle it down some more. You will hearing back from me soon!

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