Friday, December 21, 2012

My Apocalyptic Confessions:

Seeing that we may only have moments to live I feel I should get some things off my chest. 

*Note: Apocalyptic Confessions are not synonymous with Shameful Admissions, there is a difference, that I am sure of, though I can't necessarily pinpoint the exact differences, perhaps the level of vulnerability?

1. In second grade I convinced my classmates that I was fluent in sign language and held the record for fastest signing in the world. I would then demonstrate by very quick hand motions.

2. I was the one who moved the pillow that then exposed the wall that my sibling ran into while playing a made-up game which in turn resulted in a head full of stiches. (They were using my bed and my decorative is a long story.)

3. In sixth grade I convinced my classmates that I was fluent in French (because my grandpa was French) and I basically said my name and my mom's maiden name over and over while throwing in other sounds that I at the time felt sounded like French.

4. I don't find Brad Pitt to be attractive or Johnny Depp for that matter.

5. I didn't vote this year. (Please don't hate me for that one, especially in our last moments alive).

6. I like Chris Brown's song Don't Wake Me Up (this one is a Shameful Admission).

7. I love my family and friends more than they will ever know, mainly because I have done a poor job in showing it. And if we all get outta here alive, I plan on doing a better job of it. Well, after WMS because let's face it my natural world as I know it won't exist during that time, or so I've heard.  

I might add more as I think of them, that is if all doesn't end beforehand. 

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