Thursday, December 20, 2012

What to do on a Snow Day.*

This morning I woke up around 5:30am to the sound of my mom calling out that it is a snow day today. Then muffled little cheers emitted from the bedrooms of my three younger siblings. My mom is a school bus driver so she was just as excited as they were. Snow days are like impromptu holidays that just sprout up over night. With snow days come their own traditions depending on the family.

With my family, snow days mean:

1. Sleeping in till you can't stand it anymore.
2. Wearing your pajamas, not putting on makeup and while you are at it, not brushing your hair all day.
3. Bundling up over your pajamas and shoveling/salting the driveway and clearing the cars. While you are on a roll just go over and do the same for the elderly neighbors.
4. Going sledding if its the proper type of snow. Yes, there are proper types of snow for all sorts of things. Sledding, snowballs, safe driving, making igloos/ snow forts, etc. They all require different consistencies.
5. Comeing in (after shoveling and/or sledding) shedding all the excess clothes (gloves, hats, scarves, boots, coats, face masks, snow overalls, etc.) wrapping up in a blanket, making hot chocolate and possibly roasting marshmallows over the fireplace if your mom has already lit the fire (usually not, but you can wish)
6. Reading books, watching movies, playing games, and if you are a graphic designer...continue working as if nothing has happened at all because you can fortunately and unfortunately work from home -____-
7. Repeat step six throughout the day, and throw in aimless web-surfing, blogging, general facebookery where you talk about how excited you are for the snow day and then share so many snow pictures that if you printed them all out you could make a flip book of it.
8. Hopping into the hot tub (literally hop because you aren't wearing shoes and snow on your bare feet is one of the worst experiences ever next to I assume water-boarding and birthing).
9. Sewing/knitting/handmaking things such as curtains or other things you have been meaning to make "if only you had the time"
10. Possibly repeat step four with your friends once its gone dark outside because all the snow has then been packed down by other day-time sledders and has frozen over again only this time into a thick sheet of ice.
11. Praying and lighting candles for a sequential snow day, which would be a complete miracle because a singular snow day is rare enough.

I may or may not add pictures throughout the day to this post to jazz it up some.

PS I wish I had an entire suit made out of the same material of my mom's Uggs... because despite their slouchy appearance are the warmest thing one could wear.

* After moving to LA I realized that not everyone knows what a snow day is. Basically a snow day is when there is an abrupt weather change and there is a blizzard over night. The roads can become very dangerous because of the snows, wind and usually because of the ice under the snow. You then wake up really really early and watch the news and see if your school or workplace flashes across the screen and then you will know if your classes have been canceled or not. Which more often than not, your work place or school is the only one in the entire state that thinks the streets are fit to drive on and they don't call anything off. If everything is canceled, it is officially a snow day.

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