Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Time

First thing's first... I promised I would post a picture of my hair. Since my hair was first colored the wrong shade, we had washed it out a little too soon and there was a bit of discoloration so last night before I left Kansas my mom's friend came over and we put the lighter color on top of the previous color. So this after picture was taken today so you can have the most updated view.

As I previously mentioned, I am no longer in Kansas. It was a wonderful trip celebrating Thanksgiving and I had some real quality time with my family.  I was even able to successfully surprise some of my family members at my arrival which was exciting. Here's a recap in iphone photos.

Sara and I had the same flight! I got some reading in. Got my hurr did. Had gelato, bowled and went to my first Jayhawks game with my dad, Jeff, Viv and Remy. Had donuts with momma, had Indian food with Natalie and Clay. Clay made Thanksgiving breakfast which was adorable. Had two Thanksgiving dinners. Decorated a real Evergreen tree for Christmas. Went to the Mayor's Christmas tree lighting with the fam. Add quality family time, Downton Abbey, Noodles and Co. and so much more in between.

It was wonderful seeing my family and being able to spend time with my Aunt Kim and Uncle Tim from Florida.

Now back to the lovely daily grind. n__n

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Whitney said...

I have to say I LOVE your hair! hope to see more photos soon!!! :)