Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What did I do for Labor Day? I worked. I allowed myself one outing today and that was to pick up my ceramic piece from the "paint-your-own-ceramics" place and drop my friend's ceramic piece at her house. For the remainder of the day I locked myself in my house and ceaselessly worked on designs for an upcoming event.

So needless to say I don't have tons of pictures to share with you today. Though I can share some of the not-so-great-indoor-nighttime- lighted-iphone pictures I took of our tartines yesterday. It turns out we weren't able to do the tartines immediately following church and had to wait to do them for dinner, hence the not so grand photography. Just know they tasted so much better than these pictures look.

PS they got a little crispy, make sure they don't stay in too long.
PPS this was the first time I have ever tried an actual fig.
The recipe called for gorgonzola but I'm a pansy with a less refined palette and don't really like gorgonzola, blue cheese, etc. etc. so we traded it with feta. Also the recipe called for baguette and we decided to do a dark Honey Wheat Bushman Bread.

5 figs, sliced
Honey Wheat Bushman Bread, sliced
thyme, fresh or dry

Basically you layer the cheese and thyme and figs on the sliced bread, place it on a broiler sheet, broil for a couple minutes till the cheese is melty (though depending on the cheese, it might not really melt).   Drizzle with honey and enjoy! Very simple. 

We also made kale chips, which are a simple and delicious snack. Tear the kale from its steam, toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper (we also tried garlic this time). Place on a cookie sheet, bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees. We topped it off with parmesan (I would love to also mix it with homemade popcorn sometime). Wham bam, thank ya, ma'am.

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