Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beijinhos + Brigadeiros

Have I told you how much I love working with international students? Well, if I haven't, let me do so now. I love working with international students, a lot. A lot a lot. What you see below is the product of spending time with just one international student. Just think, there are are 8,500-9,000 international students and visiting scholars at UCLA... I am one lucky girl! I'm kidding, but I am definitely blessed to be able to spend time with so many wonderful people from so many different places.

Note: this pan was originally completely full to the brim with candies, notice how much has already been consumed. 

We made beijinhos which translates to meaning "little kisses" (in Brasilian Portuguese). Beijinhos are made of sweetened condensed milk (of course), Nescau chocolate, and a little bit of butter. Brigadieros which translates to the highest rank in the Brasilian Air Force, are made of sweetened condensed milk, coconut, and a little bit of butter. Put both mixtures over medium high heat and stir constantly till it gets to the proper consistency. Immediately pour it out on a plate. When it is completely cooled down, you will be able to form them into ball-like shapes with your hands and roll them in coconut, Nescau chocolate or white chocolate crumbles. Next step...Enjoy!

Bruno, was our candy-making teacher for the night (he didn't know he was going to be in the picture). haha

Friday, while running around getting things ready for the secret-garden-birthday-party I bought a succulent. Farrems made a really cool terrarium with the succulent on the left, for a gift to give to Kimi. I revamped my previous terrarium with the succulent on the right. Hopefully I can keep this one alive.

Hoping I can make the tartines tonight and tomorrow I should have my ceramic piece to share with you. Well I am going to go get somethings done. Bye loves!

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