Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garden Party

Friday was the last day of August and I know I had hopes of doing a post every day of August (epic fail) and I didn't get a post in on the last day. What kind of person am I? I will tell you what kind...a busy one. One who helps friends put on a secret garden-party for their friends birthday (note: it looks like I was saying secret garden, which was one of my fave books/movies as a child, and I still have fantasies of having my own cool hidden garden; that and a library like Beauty and the Beast).

Left: our setting up of the tables. Right: Cherry Limeade and Watermelon-Strawberry Lemonade.

We spray painted goblet-like glassware bright pink and red which was inspired by this post by The House Lars Built blog. We also placed several different candle holders, jars and glassware on each table. It had a great eclectic style to it. 

Just some of our lovely guests.

As the night wore on, the tables became even more beautiful as the candle light started to glow against the evening sky. We had a good amount of people, wonderful food, great entertainment, games, gift opening, birthday serenades and topped it all off with some of the best coconut cake I have ever eaten in my life.

That was Friday, over the course of the next couple days, I will post about Brasilian candy making, ceramic painting and hopefully tartines (that I plan on making after church tomorrow). Though because I have church tomorrow, you will just have to stay tuned.

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