Saturday, August 18, 2012


This was my life today:

2:00am- Go to bed
3:30am- Wake up
3:45am- Get up
4:15am- Leave for the airport
5:00am- Stand in never-ending-line
6:15am- Board plane
6:45am- Plane takes off
7:00-7:30am (also gain an hour so that's an hour and a half)- Try to sleep while baby cries in seat behind you
7:30-7:40am- Remember you had ear plugs the whole time
7:40am- Arrive in Salt Lake City
8:10am-Board new plane
8:40am- Take off
8:40-9:45am (gain another hour)- try to sleep while bobbing head and jerking awake every five minutes
9:45-10:00am- Get bags from carousel
10:00- Get picked up
10:05am-1:00pm- Run errands and pick up new computer from Best Buy
1:00pm- Set up new glorious computer
4:00pm- First shower of the day

...etcetera. You get the idea

Now I am fighting off sleep, I will talk to you later.

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