Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tour de KC

I really did try to do a post yesterday, though I stayed the night over at my gma and gpa Hamilton's house and they couldn't remember the wifi password. So here is my synopsis for yesterday: I went to several places promoting my business my sister-in-law and I are starting up, I toured my brother's workplace which has insanely huge printers so that I could look at materials for my photography, I later met up with my cousin Klinton and then we met up with our friends from LA who were driving through KC and ate dinner at Lulu's Thai Noodles.

So as I just mentioned my friend, Niloo and her friend, David were driving through Kansas on their way to New York. They called me up the other day to see if I were in town and wanted to meet up for a bit. So we met up ate dinner, stayed at my gparent's home overnight and had a big breakfast this morning. Then began the Tour de KC. I wasn't able to show them the all of my favorite places because of time restraints but here are just a few places we went...

When traveling to Kansas City, going to Hammerpress is a must.

We stopped by the Al Habashi House and they bought some snacks for the road.

Toured Union Station for  a little while.

We capped the tour off with Arthur Bryant's Barbecue and some Sheridan's frozen custard. 

Though I wasn't able to show them all that Kansas City has to offer due to time constraints, I do feel that all in all it was a great day.

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