Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Need Some Zzzz's

I started my day off with horseback riding at my sister's house. She is renting her home on the cutest most cliche farm I have ever seen in my life. They literally have a red barn and a broken down classic car, seriously can you get more perfect than that? It looked like I was walking on the set of a movie or something, I kept waiting for the facade to give way.

Yes, that is a wooden pitchfork resting against the broken down vintage truck. I mean seriously?!
They even have an old white dairy stable which they now use for their horses.

Following my horseback riding outing, I went to my friends' radio station offices and shared my testimony (my story) on a Spanish Gospel channel, La Hora con Papi.

After telling my story on the radio we headed over to their church (for their midweek service) which meets in this really cool old church building. I explored a bit and took my camera with me.

This is the Pastor's old office up in the annex. I love the peach desk, the mint green file cabinets and the last supper rendition.
The organ.
Well that's all folks. I have had a wonderful and busy day and I am ready to fall asleep.

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jori said...

The fact that you are able to produce this many quality shots on a daily basis is killing me. Every post is like mini-Reveal Day. I don't know if I ever said this, but thank you, thank you for posting so much lately. And thank you also for sharing all of this. I am still loving it.