Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outlook Creative

I failed you...again.

I have tried to post on here every day for at least the month of August (except for the 1st because that was a travel day). Though alas life caught up with me. 

For a large majority of yesterday and today, my sister-in-law and I have been promoting our new signage and design solutions company, Outlook Creative LLC at an Early-Education-Conference.

If you are interested in any design and/or signage solutions, you can contact me and I can give you some quotes!

Though I have worked in coffee on and off for the past couple of years I never really tried an iced coffee before. That was until I came to 110 degree Kansas.

Morning ice coffee waiting for the conference to begin.

Decided to make our own ice coffee today. PS Nevermind the crazy eyes in this picture.

The women to men ratio at this conference is dramatically skewed. To every man there are about 500 women. Also I was unaware that capri pants were so popular amongst middle-aged women these days. I lost count around 72 (a couple could have been considered as bermuda shorts but they were pretty slim fit so I am counting those in there too). I would say that about 40-50% of all the women attending are dawning the "style". Interesting.

A backwards view of our business cards.

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