Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Day Behind

The events I am about to tell you about happened yesterday.
I tried out a new coffeehouse yesterday with Priscilla and Autumn...they have the choice of a chemex, pour-overs and wonderful espresso. It has a great ambiance and I will most definitely check it out again. PS. It is evidently pronounced as que instead of what it looks like, it is not like the Brothers Quay.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday at my Gma and Gpa Hamilton's house. 

Gma made carrot cake.

Following dinner I took a walk in the garden. My Gpa is known for his extensive gardening and trails so the neighbors made this sign and posted it in front of one of his trails that goes deep in the woods. Sadly the horrible drought and extreme heat that hit the Midwest wiped out all of his hard work. Not one flower survived, the creek is dried up and all that is left are the trees and his little hidden rest points. 

He has a couple little tables and benches in little hidden pockets of his garden and they have little chandeliers, lanterns, or charming little archways over them. Its pretty much the most adorable thing you would ever see.

It was so sweet to see my Gma and my niece, Remy yesterday, looking at the plants and later reading. 

From Sunday to Monday, my birthday was amazing. I reiterate that I am truly blessed.

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