Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh Shoot!

Today I exercised my right to bear arms...well at least to operate some guns. Natalie's boyfriend has an artillery of guns and teaches gun safety. So I asked if I could go shooting with them sometime before I go back to CA. Today was my lucky day. Natalie had the awesome idea of making our own custom targets.

The naked butt was my target, the devil face was my momma's target, the Dr. Who roboty thing was Natalie's target and the vegan zombie was Clay's target.
The gun I'm holding wasn't loaded,  I was getting my picture taken while Clay filled the magazine. 
I wish I had a cigar in this picture, and that I wasn't holding it so awkwardly. Who is kidding who here, I'm the least hardcore person there is. But I must say, once I was taught how to aim, I didn't do so shabby  (still not sure if I like that word).

We tried this MRE (Made, Ready-to-Eat) Chicken Fajita wasn't that bad. It had seasoned chicken, rice, tortillas, crackers, cheese dip, cappuccino mix, apple cider mix, extra seasoning, mint gum, toilet paper, matches, moist  (another awful word) towelettes and a couple other little things. It was really cool to see how it works. Everything is edible as is but there is this packet that you place in a  bag with all the other food items and you add water to the packet and it heats up and cooks the food in about five minutes. It's really space agey. 

Hannah had surprisingly good aim and hit her bullseye right off the bat. 

Well I would write more but I just remembered I didn't do a tick check yet and now I feel itchy all over just thinking about it.

PS As I was writing this, I saw something move in the corner of my eye and it was a huge brown spider with black and white stripes on it's back. I would've taken a picture except that it was actually sitting on my camera. After getting far away from it, I immediately Googled it and I am almost positive it was a Wolf Spider. O_O Now I feel REALLY itchy.

PPS I like to compare today's post (especially food choices) to yesterday's post.

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